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Give To Go Green is a pilot grant scheme from the Church of England, available only for the Diocese of Exeter and the Diocese of Leeds.  If it works well, it will be opened up to the whole of the Church of England in the future.


•    to improve church buildings by helping them to cut their carbon emissions (Go Green) ; and
•    to explore how well short-term digitally-based (card reader and online) campaigns work

With the agreement of the PCC…
•    a successful application was made at the end of last year.
•    A potential grant of £4,164 has been awarded to St Marks, Exeter.
•    However, to obtain that sum, we need to match it by raising £4,164 ourselves.


  • For every pound we give, we will receive a pound from the Church of England, to a maximum of £4,164, i.e. making £8,328 altogether.

  • That £8,328 will be used to fund carbon cutting projects in the Church costing £8,328 (see details opposite).

  • All the funds raised have to be collected digitally – either online (see link opposite) or by using the CollecTin card reader found at the back of church .

  • The scheme will assist the C of E in reaching its net zero carbon target by 2030 and thereby help to safeguard God’s creation.

Among the projects to be undertaken in  Church for which we must raise £8,328 are:

  • Install secondary glazing in the vestries and toilet area

  • Refurbish our wooden framed windows

  • Draught-proof external doors

The benefit of these projects will be to make the church warmer and to lower its carbon footprint, so making it more comfortable for everyone using it. Energy costs should be reduced which underpins St Mark’s creation care initiative.


Between the period 1 February to 16 March you can support us in the following ways:  
1. There will be a plate for cash donations to ‘Give to Go Green’ placed at the back of the church
2. The CollecTin card reader at the back of the church can be used to donate the the St Mark’s Give to Go Green campaign
3. Online donations can be by
clicking here
4  By supporting the various fundraising events that will be taking place between 1st February and 16th March. 

Click here to go to the Events page.

This is an unexpected opportunity which it makes sense to grasp while it's available.  
Please help us to do that, by praying and giving as God leads you!

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