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The Bible Through People

The aim of our new sermon series is to see the whole sweep of the variety of the Bible. The different types of literature. The reliability of scripture – outside items which identify the same things. It is also a chance to create a ‘timeline’ to see how some of these stories fit together.

The Lectionary, which we normally follow for our choice of readings, is selected readings over a three-year period. As such it cannot cover the entire Bible. We will continue to print the references for the lectionary on the notice sheet for anyone who wishes to continue to follow those readings.

Most Sundays, therefore, the preacher will have chosen a passage that will be printed for us. They may also have chosen a second passage, otherwise some of the lectionary readings will be printed in full.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about the bible there will be a flip chart available for you to write a question. Or drop an email to the office and the question can be added. We will try to answer any questions we can.

There are many things we will miss out. In this summary we haven’t looked at any major prophet, or the book of Daniel; or the detailed laws in Numbers and Leviticus. We haven’t looked at most of the well-known apostles.
There is always something more to discover and learn. Hopefully we will learn how God can use people who might not be the people we would have chosen, to make himself known.

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